To kick off the Fred Williams blog, I’d like to start by introducing myself, my education, and my mission.
My real name is Chris Gregory, Christopher Frederick William Gregory to be exact; I have chosen to use my middle names – Frederick William – as my alter ego for this marketing blog.
Recently, I graduated from Davenport University with a B.A. in Marketing. My degree concentration was in Advertising and Promotions, but I extended my breadth of marketing knowledge by delving deep into Business 2 Business Marketing, and Marketing Management.  With a 3.8 overall GPA, I was nominated and accepted into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration. I am in the midst of deciding whether to continue on and complete my MBA; hopefully this blog will keep my skills sharp while I evaluate my opportunities.
My mission for this blog is to provide diverse, cutting edge, and powerful strategic marketing insight to anyone that needs it.
My vision is to discuss the core marketing principles, and apply my own philosophies to them using real world examples. I will spread my knowledge of Marketing through my blog posts, and become a support mechanism by providing advice to those individuals and businesses that wish to improve their current position.
I am not concerned with who, or how many people will read this blog, nor am I using it as a source of income. I am using this blog as an outlet to spread my knowledge of Marketing, and hopefully help some people along the way.
As this blog dives deeper into the infinite amount of Marketing principles, it is my goal that the first thought from anyone who needs marketing advice is to “ask Fred.”
Now lets get started!






About fredwilliamsblog

Traditional Marketer turned Digital Visionary. Product Manager at Magna Exteriors.
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